314 Action and D9 Brewing Company Announce Pi Day Beer, Proceeds to Benefit Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund

Pro-Science Advocacy Group and Science-Centric Brewery Dedicate Pi Day to Raising Awareness of Dickey Amendment

March 14th, 2018 – (Washington, D.C./Cornelius, NC) – Beer aficionados, science advocates and politicos will have a great reason to celebrate this Pi Day this year. Today, 314 Action, a pro-science advocacy nonprofit committed to getting scientists more involved in politics, and D9 Brewing Company, famous for “sciencing the shit” out of its beer, announced the 314 Action Ale, an American Ale brewed exclusively for this partnership.

Beer has long intersected both politics and science, and the 314 Action Ale is not only perfectly calibrated thanks to D9’s science-forward brewing process, but also sparks a spirited conversation. This limited supply brew is part of an awareness campaign to repeal the Dickey Amendment, an anti-science piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1996 to prevent scientists at the CDC from studying gun violence. In addition to raising awareness, proceeds from the batch will go entirely toward the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund.

The label’s design features the image of Albert Einstein, formed entirely from the endless Pi sequence. While traditionally, Pi Day is celebrated with pie, 314 Action Ale offers a non-pie alternative for the annual celebration of science.

“We have long said that science and politics shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and we’re hopeful that this ale helps bridge the gap between the two,” said Ted Bordelon, Director of Communications for 314 Action. “We’re proud to partner with D9 Brewing and dedicate Pi Day to raising awareness about the importance of letting scientists do their jobs.  A science advocacy group partnering with a brewery might sound unusual, but we’re both ready to try anything if it means raising awareness about the government ban on researching gun violence.

“We believe in the ability of science to help us explain and understand our world, especially when the result is enjoying a cold beer,” said Andrew Durstewitz, co-founder of D9 Brewing Company.

Started by two engineers and a doctor, D9 Brewing has invested in the scientific exploration of the natural world to produce the highest quality, unquestionably original, crafted ales. It is this shared passion that led us to partnering with 314 Action, and the creation of the 314 Action Ale. Recently recognized in the 2018 NC Science of Beer Brewing Challenge.

The beer is available for online purchase in most states by visiting the D9 store by clicking HERE.