A Way to Sustainably Repurpose Brewery Spent Grain

Trofi offers benefits for both suppliers and buyers of the food byproduct items, as well as overall environmental benefit for the local communities. The suppliers – local juice stores, breweries, and other businesses – are able to reduce costs spent on waste disposal while recycling the nutrients that would otherwise be the “waste products” of their business. The buyers – local farmers – are able to enrich their animals’ diet with natural nutrients by paying a small price. Thus, both suppliers and buyers are connected to simultaneously promote sustainability at the highest level. Furthermore, because both suppliers and buyers are local businesses, we are supporting and promoting an economic exchange.1

The most important advantage about Trofi is its flexibility; as a tool that connects food waste to farmers, Trofi makes repurposing virtually any form of edible waste is possible. That’s why although we’re currently targeting breweries as an initial market, we’ve been looking into a number of new markets as well. We’ve recently been looking into adding food processing plants, cideries, creameries, and even grocery stores that are looking to repurpose food byproducts as an animal feed.

As Trofi gains traction amongst early users (breweries and farmers), we’ll begin to incorporate more types of facilities and provide farmers with a diverse range of options. In addition to being easy-to-use, Trofi provides facilities with a cheaper alternative to paying for trash or composting services. Because it’s so nutritious and cheap, there’s also a massive demand for these types of products amongst both small and large-scale farmers. That’s why we hope Trofi will evolve to attract more and more users around the nation and even the world. After spreading the web application as far as possible, we’ll incorporate a mobile version of Trofi as well to further facilitate these transactions. Five years from now, and further into the future, Trofi will serve as the go-to tool for repurposing all types of food waste, making connections for a wasteless future.2

Are you a brewery in NC looking to sustainably repurpose your brewer’s grain? Want to help farmers near you while reducing your trash services?

Trofi is a team that’s working to help farmers get access to these byproducts from breweries and other stores. If you’d like to start giving away your byproducts or selling them to local farmers TODAY, let us know by shooting us a quick email at thetrofico@gmail.com with the following info:

  1. Name and Contact info
  2. Location
  3. Kinds of byproducts you’re giving away

Make sure to check out our website (https://thetrofico.com/) to learn more too!

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