Asheville Brewing – 828 Pale Ale is now in a CAN

Asheville Brewing Co. where you’re special… just like everyone else.

Our crushable 828 Pale Ale is hopped with American-grown hops for superior aroma and flavor. Everything’s better in the 828, especially local independent craft beverages.

“Ballsy enough to be loved by any craft beer aficionado but approachable enough to thrill any beer drinker,” says Pete Langheinrich, Asheville Brewing head brewer .

Look for 828 in the can at Asheville Brewing’s North Asheville and Downtown locations as well as at your favorite bar, restaurant, or watering hole in the 828.

 Celebrate the 828!
 ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 35

SRM: 7

 Pair with grilled chicken, burgers, nachos. This beer complements most anything savory.

In honor of Earth Day 2018, we got rid of plastic straws at all of our locations in favor of compostable paper straws. The pizzeria and brewery also requests that customers ask for a straw if they want one to decrease waste.

“This is just another step in Asheville Brewery’s ongoing effort to become greener. As an environmentally conscious small business, we feel it’s our responsibility to do what we can,” said Mike Rangel, Asheville Brewing president and co-founder. “We’re concerned about the environmental hazards caused by plastics, and this seems like one solution.”

In recent years, Asheville Brewing has moved to compostable paper to-go containers and worked to decrease the amount of water used in the brewery. Our pizza boxes have always been recyclable. The company will continue to look for ways to decrease its environmental impact, while still providing some of the best craft beer and pizza in the nation.

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