Bigger Big Brew this month at Atlantic Brew Supply – come celebrate National Homebrew Day with us!

Atlantic Brew Supply’s Neighbrewhood Newsletter

Neighbrewhood Newsletter

May 2018

Yes that’s right, it’s time for everyone’s most favorite holiday of the year. Not Halloween, not Christmas, and not Talk Like A Pirate Day….it’s National Homebrew Day! And we’re celebrating with our Bigger Big Brew – details below!

May’s Bigger Big Brew and Recipes of the Month!

THIS Saturday, May 5th starting at 9 am

Homebrewers all over the WORLD will be gathering on May 5th to celebrate National Homebrew Day – a holiday to celebrate the world of homebrew. Since we have a Big Brew every month, we’ll be celebrating with our BIGGER Big Brew – 3 on-sale recipes, prizes for attendees, and who knows, we may even have our Big Brew outside this time! Here are the recipes, 50% off if you’re brewing on-site on May 5th, or 30% off all month for everyone else!

  • Rocky Raccoon’s Honey Lager (All GrainExtract) AHA Official Recipe. Charlie Papazian writes in Zymurgy Jul/Aug 2016: “Rocky Raccoon’s Honey Lager became one of the most popular—perhaps the most popular—recipe in my book. The idea of adding honey was first introduced with this recipe, and professional brewers and most beer drinkers thought I was nuts to use honey in beer. And the name ‘Rocky Raccoon’ seemed to strike a chord in more ways than one.” Also available on our website.
  • Dusty Mud Dry Irish Stout (All GrainExtract) AHA Official Recipe. Charlie Papazian writes in Zymurgy Nov/Dec 2000: “Sure, we know that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make an Irish style stout every bit as worthy as the classic brands from around the world. Yes it is simple. Anyone can do it, but the element of experience and years of brewing add something special that is not quite definable except perhaps as brewers pride. Yet you can taste the difference, can’t you?” Also available on our website. 
  • Don’t Dump Maibock (All GrainExtract). Named after an unfortunate incident where one of our crew dumped a coworker’s fresh batch of beer down the drain, thinking it was an old beer, we implore you: Don’t Dump Maibock. A bready and lightly nutty grain profile is supported by fruity hops: Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria. Brew it as a lager, or brew it as an ale – your choice! Also available on our website.

How does Big Brew work? It’s a fun day or brewing with your fellow homebrewers, next to the big brewery tanks of Raleigh Brewing Company. Bring all of your brewing equipment with you – we’ll provide pH-adjusted water to brew with, cleaner, sanitizer, and wort chillers. If you’re brewing with us, please start by 10 am and be done by 2pm at the latest, as we need to have the brewery empty and clean shortly thereafter.

Learn to Brew With Us in May!

Sunday, May 27th at 12pm

All Grain Brewing Class – It’s time to step up to the world of all grain brewing! Ditch the extract, and you’ll see just how large your recipe building world will become – instead of having to use one of only 5 or 6 types of extract, all grain brewers can use one of our nearly 20 base malts to form the backbone of their beer recipes. This class will teach you how, including fundamentals of using a mash tun and the Brew In A Bag (BIAB) method!

For $25 per person, you’ll get a great hour or two of instruction from one of our brewing professors, a demonstration brew in our brewery, plus beer samples, and a 5 gallon recipe kit to take home (itself worth the admission price!).

If you’d like to reserve your spot, you can buy your ticket on our website for the class, or in our shop the next time you visit us!

Quarter 2’s deadline for the Carolina Quarterly Brew Off has passed! While we’re busy judging all of the fantastic entries (winner to be announced on or around May 18th), now is the time to start thinking about your Quarter 3 entries. The deadline will be July 21st! 

What is the CQBO? Brew beer, give us 2 bottles, and you’ll get back scoresheets from beer industry professionals, with tips and pointers on how your beer scored, and how it could be better. Plus, if you’re the cream of the crop, you might win a ribbon, best-in-show medal, or a chance to take part in the Finals in January – a public taste testing event!

Full information about the contest can be found at, including instructions on how to enter your beers, which happens at the registration website:

Coming this month

The return of the $38 corny keg sale. You heard it here first – if you’re looking for cheap kegs, keep your eyes peeled; watch our website and Facebook page for our announcement of the big sale!

We’re beefing up our wine selection!

Many of you know our homebrewer Todd, who is a friendly face behind the counter in our shop – but did you know, he’s also a handy man extraordinaire! He built us a great new display piece for our series of wine kits from Winexpert – because we’re growing our selection! Now stocking familiar names like Moscato, Tempranillo, Chianti, and Pinot Noir – come check out our expanded selection, and grab a 4-week wine kit of your favorite style!