Birdsong Brewing – Let Fall beer season commence! St. Tuber Abbey Ale is back!

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Birdsong Weekly Newsletter, Tuesday September 12, 2017
This THURSty THURSday!
St. Tuber
Sweet Potato Abbey Ale
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25

It’s hard to talk about delicious autumnal brews without talking about the weather but, somehow, we’re gonna do it. Last year we educated you on loam, the nurtrient-rich soil used to grow crops like sweet potatoes and hops. Super cool stuff, right? This year, we’re going to talk about clove, an ingredient integral to this week’s THURSty THURSday release: St. Tuber.

Clove comes from an evergreen tree in the myrtle family indigenous to the aptly named Spice Islands of Indonesia. The buds of the “mother of cloves” flower is harvested before it blooms. Cloves, whole or ground, are incredibly aromatic, spicy, and perfect for awesome beers like St. Tuber. In addition to the 450 pounds of sweet potatoes that go into this Abbey Ale, we add a touch of clove for a warm, snuggly scent and a hint of sweet spice. These ingredients complement the use of Belgian yeast, which gives it a nice estery quality on the nose. Put down your pumpkin beers, please, there’s a new brew in town.

This is a fan favorite, so for those who are familiar with our fall beers, get excited for Thursday. If you’re new to the scene, get excited anyway because once you try it, you’ll see what the fuss is about. Join us at 3pm on Thursdayfor the release!


I Yam what I Yam: While frequently considered a sweet potato and vice versa, a yam is actually different. Sweet potatoes are part of the morning glory family, while yams are related to grasses and lillies. Hailing from Africa and Asia, yams are often drier and considered more starchy as well. Since yams are traditionally grown and harvested overseas, you’ll more likely to find sweet potatoes in your grocery stores instead.

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This Week at Birdsong…
food truck / events / live music

Tuesday, 9.12 – OPEN 3p-10p
Food Truck: Hiya

Wednesday, 9.13 – OPEN 3p-10p
Food Truck: Papa’s Culinaries

Thursday, 9.14 – OPEN 3p-10p
Food Truck: Libretto’s
Thursty Thursday Beer Release: “St. Tuber” Sweet Potato Abbey Ale

Friday, 9.15 – OPEN 3p-10p
Food Truck: Bobeche Grill
Live Music: Chris Titchner @7p

Saturday, 9.16 – OPEN 12p-10p
Food Truck: Tiger Yakitori | TBD
Live Music: Laura Thurston @5p

Sunday, 9.17 – OPEN 12p-8p
Food Truck: Bobeche Grill 

For more upcoming events, check out our Google events calendar.

This Week in Music:

Fri. Sept 15
Chris Titchner @7p

Sat. Sept 16 
Laura Thurston @5p

Any Day of the Week

Enjoy Birdsong on tap in the tap room Tuesday – Sunday. We’ve got food trucks on site throughout the week and are family- and pet-friendly.


Thursday: Science of Beer @ Museum of Life & Science – Durham, NC |  Schiele After Hours @ Schiele Muesum & Planetarium – Gastonia, NC

Saturday: Hit the Brixx Road Race |  Brewgrass – Asheville, NC | Tap the Rock Beer Fest – Rock Hill, SC | Charlotte’s Big Block Party @ Camp North End


Friday: Harris Teeter – Cotswold @5p

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Find Birdsong at these local favorites:

Mellow Mushroom
Selwyn – Myers Park
BEER: Higher Ground IPA

NEW! The Basement Arcade Bar

BEER: All the cans!
NEW! Carolina Tabletop Games

BEER: Jalapeño Pale Ale
NEW! Recess
Plaza Midwood/Belmont

BEER: Jalapeño Pale, Lazy Bird, and Paradise City cans


Brixx Pizza
BEER: Higher Ground IPA

204 North

BEER: Jalapeño Pale and Higher Ground IPA


NEW! 7 Eleven
Sam Furr & Olde Providence locations

BEER: Jalapeño Pale Ale and Paradise City cans
Libretto’s Pizza
Park Rd.

BEER: Jalapeño Pale and Higher Ground IPA

*For the full list of cool places you can find Birdsong on tap, visit our beer finder page.

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