Celebrate the Art of Craft Beer

craft beerBeer has a rich and creative history that dates back to thousands of years ago. From a daily beer ration for Egyptian pyramid workers to becoming one of America’s favorite beverages, the malty alcoholic drink has been consumed socially and daily throughout the ages. While the early decades of the 1900’s enjoyed bourbon, gin and vodka, and the later part celebrated with fruity concoctions, beer has remained a timeless classic. Unlike hard liquors that remain relatively unchanged, beer is constantly changing, revisiting old flavors and inventing new cutting edge tastes; introducing the beloved and popular craft beer.

Craft beer is much more complex than cracking open a can of something forgettable. According to the Brewers Association (BA), craft beer “displays the creativity and passion of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients”. Today’s brewers choose ingredients that reflect those used thousands of years ago such as chamomile or oregano. Like wine, a craft beer can be paired with foods and used as a cooking ingredient in the kitchen. Unlike other alcohol trends that come and go, craft beer looks as though it may stick around for awhile.

Why Should We Drink Craft Beer?

Any craft beer aficionado may simply respond, “why not?” but craft beer isn’t just simply a “beer”. It’s a hobby, it’s an appreciation, and it’s even a lifestyle and livelihood for some folks. Believe it or not, craft beer may even be good for you, but before you drink one brew after another, remember that moderation is always key. Here are some health benefits of beer:

  • Beer contains polyphenols that fight against diseases such as cancer
  • May reduce risks of diabetes or the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or stroke
  • Beer drinkers may live longer!

Need another reason to drink craft beer? How about supporting independent businesses in your city or state? Due to the popularity of independent breweries specializing in craft beers, there may be at least one close to where you live. In 2014 alone, there were a reported 3,418 craft breweries in the U.S., that’s nearly a 20% increase from the previous year. Chances are, we’ll have even more choices in the following years.

The Taste of Craft Beer

Many alcohol drinkers have avoided beer for years because they didn’t like the taste and didn’t appreciate the numerous trips to the bathroom due to watered down beer (we’ve all been there). Here’s some more good news about craft beer. It tastes better and it has a higher alcohol content which means that craft drinkers are drinking for quality and not necessarily quantity. For instance, a full-bodied beer may have up to 8% alcohol by volume (abv), which means that if you enjoy a few beers, you’re good. Speaking of taste, craft beer often has flavors for all seasons and what better way to get together with friends and compare a few great beers?

On a more serious note, brewmasters take pride in their delicious craft. As craft beer drinkers, it’s important for us to represent the brand well. We should reflect the quality and passion that goes in each batch, not the mischievous and drunk crowd that often represents the bigger and less tasty brands. BA reminds its devoted drinkers to “Savor the Flavor Responsibly.” Don’t let a DWI ruin your night of craft beer tasting. “ A DWI charge is a serious legal problem,” says Teague & Glover, “You potentially face the loss of the legal right to drive and even jail or prison time for felony charges. Your personal and professional reputation can also be permanently damaged.” As with any alcohol consumption, it’s vital to consider moderation and don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had too much to drink.

Our First Guest Writer – Landon Biehl!!
Landon Biehl resides in Wilmington, North Carolina. As an avid craft beer drinker, Landon enjoys attending various beer fests around the state, and exploring new local brews. Landon is also enjoys writing about topics that are unique and not explored by others.