Clone Kit from Bond Brothers Beer Company – April at Atlantic Brew Supply

Atlantic Brew Supply’s Neighbrewhood Newsletter

Neighbrewhood Newsletter

April 2018

Let’s get straight to the homebrew news this month:

Exciting Product Alert

We’re happy to have yeast in stock from a local lab! Local company Carolina Yeast is rolling out several exciting yeast strains, in stock today!

Pictured are their strain for hop-forward IPAs (CYA01 Yankee Ale) and their exciting British/American IPA Blend (BL04 Revolutionary IPA). Give them a try, and buy local! The more homebrewers we can get to try their yeast, the more we can keep on our shelves – starting with these first 5 strains.

You can’t find yeast that’s much fresher than this – grown and packaged down the road in Durham. For now these yeasties are in stock only in our store in Raleigh – to be added to our website down the road. Check them out!

Strains available as of 4/2:
CYA01 Yankee Ale – Perfect for classic hop-forward American IPA styles.
CYA03 St James Ale – Great for flavorful darker beers such as Irish ales, porters and stouts.
CYA07 English Dry Ale – Finishes clean and dry, with some fruit and spice notes at the high end.
CYA11 Pale Ale – This strain creates a very subtle fruity character above 67F that complements very well with Rye Pale ales, or any beer with a grain bill designed to accentuate specialty malt characteristics.
BL03 American IPA Blend – This blend produces a familiar American flavor with prominent citrusy/fruity aroma, which blends well with a heavy dry hopping schedule.
BL04 Revolutionary IPA Blend – This is a British/American Pale blend which produces a malty profile with esters typical of American Pales. A very interesting addition to flavor-forward IPAs and Pales.

April Big Brew and Recipes of the Month!

THIS Saturday, April 7th starting at 9 am

We’re excited to release a new clone recipe kit, and this time it’s from our friends at Bond Brothers Beer Company! Come out and brew with us this Saturday, and you can buy either of the recipes listed below for 50% off – and if you can’t make it to brew on-site, the recipes are 30% off all month long,in-store and on our website!

Did you know? The first ever sale made at Atlantic Brew Supply was a bag of 2 Row Pale Malt, bought by the homebrewers who eventually started Bond Brothers Beer Company. We’re happy to have them as friends, and were so pleased to see them named Best New Brewery in the Country by USA Today! And now here’s your chance to brew one of their more popular recipes.

  • The Local IPA (All GrainExtract) from Bond Brothers Beer Company. When you find it on tap at Bond Brothers, this beer rotates its hops regularly, to add variety for Bond Brothers’ hometown fans. This iteration is a tasty one, and has Cascade and Summit hop character as its focus. Also available on our website.
  • Citra Simple Session Saison (All GrainExtract). A perfect refreshing Saison for the spring and summer: Smooth White Wheat Malt, Citra, and your choice of Saison style yeast. Also available on our website!

How does Big Brew work? It’s a fun day or brewing with your fellow homebrewers, next to the big brewery tanks of Raleigh Brewing Company. Bring all of your brewing equipment with you – we’ll provide pH-adjusted water to brew with, cleaner, sanitizer, and wort chillers. If you’re brewing with us, please start by 10 am and be done by 2pm at the latest, as we need to have the brewery empty and clean shortly thereafter.

Learn to Brew With Us in April!

Sunday, April 29th at 12pm

Beginners Brewing Class – perfect for brand new brewers, or for those of you who just want to brush up on your fundamentals! We’ll cover all the basics on ‘how to brew’ – from the start to the finish of your brew day, and you”ll walk away from the class with a firm grasp on how to make your first batch of beer using malt extract.

For $25 per person, you’ll get a great hour or two of instruction from one of our brewing professors, a demonstration brew in our brewery, plus beer samples, and a 5 gallon recipe kit to take home (itself worth the admission price!).

If you’d like to reserve your spot, you can buy your ticket on our website for the class, or in our shop the next time you visit us!

Quarter 2’s deadline for the Carolina Quarterly Brew Off is coming up later this month – get your entries in by April 28th to receive full feedback on your brews, and a chance at nabbing a ribbon or medal!

For $7 per entry, you’ll get great feedback on your homebrews from beer industry professionals. Each entry will get two scoresheets from our beer judges, often with helpful commentary on how you can improve your beers, what worked, and what didn’t. Plus, you could win the chance to compete in the public taste test event in January!

Full information about the contest can be found at, including instructions on how to enter your beers, which happens at the registration website:

We’re a proud retailer for Ruby Street Brewing systems!

Interested in taking your homebrew equipment up a notch? Check out the awesome brewing setups made by Ruby Street Brewing! From 15 to 30 gallons . Check out their systems on our website!