Craft Beer for Valentines – 2016

With Valentine’s Day coming this weekend, the scramble to get the right gift for that loved one usually leads to flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, or maybe an exotic (or erotic) gift. Flowers die off, chocolates melt, stuffed animals get tossed in the closet and the other gifts, well, they get their use. If you know your loved one has a craft beer fancy, the search for the perfect gift is easy!  Breweries are creating wonderful beers this time of year that are perfect for this occasion!

Here are some great NC beers around the state that will sure put a smile on that loved one’s face:

  • Foothills Sexual Chocolate – This one is a no-brainer – hand it to them with a smile. It’s their 10th Anniversary and it delivers as always. Dark Chocolate aroma and flavor with notes of coffee and dark toffee.
  • Asheville Brewing Love Ninja – This year they changed it up a little and now it’s with strawberries!! The strawberry matches really well with the chocolate and roasted flavor.
  • Nantahala Brewing Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout – Roasted and chocolate malts along with organic cherries creates sweet and tart blend with the chocolatey flavors. The boxed candies just don’t hold a candle to this.
  • Double Barley Brewing Fat Charley Chocolate Raspberry Stout – Smooth and easy to drink Imperial Stout that’s a blend of raspberry flavor and hints of chocolate. This one has a little kick in it – coming in at 10%! Enjoy it in front of a crackling fire.
  • NoDa Brewing Hot Pistol – How could we not include this one? The chocolate, raspberry habanero stout is hot and sweet and chocolatey and will definitely warm the night up! This is still on draft at the brewery but time is limited!
  • Fonta Flora Brine – This is a smoked oyster saison. Do we need to mention that oysters are an aphrodisiac, having a reputation for being great for love and fertility? Try to refrain from guzzling it!
  • Triple C Babymaker – Speaking of fertility, you can use this bottle as a hint or a reveal. This is a Double IPA with big hop and malt flavor that they say is appropriately named.

When things aren’t going so well with your Valentine, there’s a beer for that!

  • Unknown Brewing El Corazon Que Sangra Morado – When things have gone downhill and you want to send a message that the relationship is toast. The title translates to “The heart that bleeds purple” which means you have no sympathy to whom you are showing it to. You don’t want to give it to, or share with, them -that would be a waste! It’s best to open it and drink it in front of them, enjoying every last sip.  Like the Klingons say “Revenge is a dish best served COLD”.

This are just a sampling of what’s offered all around the state. There are other great beers, chocolatey or otherwise, that will certainly appeal to that Valentine’s craft beer lover.

Have to add a BIG THANKS to Chris at Peabody’s Wine and Beer Merchants for hooking us UP with Sexual Chocolate and Brine. They were supposed to make an appearance on FOX46 Charlotte for Valentine’s beers but got bumped for Super Bowl Beers.