Durty Bull Brewing – Durty Bulletin #53 – Every Vote Counts!

March 9th, 2018
Durty Bulletin #53 – Every Vote Counts!

Fresh Brews on Tap

  • Skylarking Hoppy Brown
  • Seven Days Round Rye Sour
  • Joe Van Gogh Breakfast Stout
  • No To Something Special Hazy IPA
  • Haploid Hazy Session IPA
  • Blockchain Imperial IPA
  • Herding Cats Kvass
  • Indecent Hazy IPA (Brand New!)
  • Genetic Drift American IPA (Even Newer!)

Hello again,
March is in full swing and doing it’s best to remind us not to put away our winter clothes yet. Luckily for you, our taproom conserves heat like nobodies business. We also have a great problem where we have a bunch of beer on tap and we can’t drink it all. That’s where you come in. If you somehow still need more reason to come visit, both of those bold-font and bold-flavor IPAs on the list above are brand new and very fresh. If you’re the type to warm up with something dark and full, we’ve still got some BBA Baltic Porter, Van Gogh Breakfast Stout (with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee in each pint!) and our Skylarking Hoppy Brown.
It’s that time of year where all of your favorite local businesses are asking you to cast your vote for your favorite local businesses. As one of your favorite local businesses we’d like to ask for your vote in not one, but two different competitions. We were a runner up in our first year in the competition and word on the street is it’s only been up from there. If you’re unsure, you’ve just earned yourself another reason to come see us one more time. We’re listed in both Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle 2018 (voting information at: https://goo.gl/PdwK1R) and Durham Magazine’s Best of Durham 2018 (voting information at: https://goo.gl/d7y5Cq). Every vote counts, and we’d love to be able to confirm what we’ve known all along; that we’re the best brewery in town.
Each Thursday in March we’re hosting ReCity as they put on what they’re calling ‘Happy Hour’. It’s a nice meet and greet with some food each Thursday evening, and it has a nice meaning for our community as well. This month, we’re donating a portion of our proceeds for the night to The Helius Foundation. These guys are only a couple blocks away and help local small business owners run their business and pay fair living wages. Still on the fence? Check out their website at https://goo.gl/T3vNkw to see where your money will go.
We’ve got some nice food trucks coming at you this weekend. Tonight we’re hosting R&J Fish, Wings, and Things. They do some really good fish, some really good chicken wings a.k.a. the tuna of the land, and obviously their things are off the charts. Saturday night the Shrimp Truck is having dinner with us which means all the delicious little seafood morsels you can fit in your mouth. Tuesday we’ve got Cilantro out for another rendition of our favorite weekday tradition, Taco Tuesday!
Find us in the wild Sunday afternoon at the Food Truck Rodeo at Durham Central Park! Not only is there a ton of good food, good drinks, live music, and local vendors on display, there’s also us! We’re only a block away from the festivities so if you find yourself needing a place to warm up and escape the crowds, we’ve got you covered.
Love pinball but hate carrying change around? Love cheaper beer than usual? Hate Mondays? Prepare to change that tune. Every Monday at the taproom we are offering not only $1 off full pours of our beer, but also free pinball! Come get your game on, you’d be surprised what a couple pints can do for your high score.
Want to see where the magic happens?  Every first and third Friday of the month we provide tours through groupon. Don’t worry, the people giving the tours know much more about the equipment and process than me. Get yours at http://gr.pn/2nW6x3E.
Next time,

This Week at the Brewery
R&J Fish,Wings, & Things – Friday5-8pm
The Shrimp Truck –  Saturday @ 5-8pm
Food Truck Rodeo – Sunday @ 12-4pm
Cilantro – Tuesday @ 5-8pm
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Old world brewing techniques blended with creativity and passion, Durty Bull Brewing Company is a 15-barrel craft brewery and tasting room specializing in barrel aged and sour beers as well as other unconventional offerings brewed for the residents of the Bull City and beyond.