EP319 Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Boone Creek Blonde, Long Leaf IPA & Spoaty-Oaky Pale Ale

Today we are drinking and three products out of the Appalachian Mountain Brewery of Boone, the Boone Creek Blonde, the Long Leaf IPA and the Spoaty-Oaky Pale Ale. AMB is located at 163 Boone Creek Dr. in Boone. Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s mission is to sustainably brew high quality beer, support local non-profits and help our community prosper. Our mission is simple: sustainability, community and philanthropy. Beyond beer, they believe in living healthy and local lifestyles. From growing their own food in the garden and being energy-efficiency minded, they try to stay local. AMB believes that every company has a duty to be conscious, ethical entities within the community they serve, and we strive to do so. They understand how important the ecology and environment are to the people of the High Country and employ cutting-edge and tried-and-true technologies to protect our natural environment.