Episode #134 – Double Barley Brewing – Thrilla in Vanilla Porter and Steak Cake Stout

Today we are drinking two beers out of the new Double Barley Brewing down in Smithfield on the Hwy 70 bypass. We recently had opportunity to visit with the great folks at Double Barley and came home with growlers of The Thrilla in Vanilla Porter and the Steak Cake Stout. The “Thrilla” is described as “A smooth, medium bodied beer with distinct bourbon-soaked vanilla-bean flavoring. Slight sweetness balanced nicely with malt bitterness. Pours a tan head that tastes like vanilla whipped cream.” The Steak Cake Stout is described as “Surprisingly smooth and easy to drink with little bitterness. Balanced with roasted flavors, hops and malt. Pours a brown, creamy head that stays throughout the drink. Mildly carbonated, lending to the smoothness.”

Cooking with Wilma from Double Barley Brewing