Episode #139 – Brevard Brewing – Mash Up!

Today we are drinking beer from the Brevard Brewing Company in Brevard, North Carolina which specializes in creating hand-crafted lagers. They have set out to give beer lovers the best of both worlds – beer that is both drinkable and flavorful. Harmony told us she had been pouring a lot of mixed beer lately so we asked her to pour us a growler of the mixed brew and today we are drinking a mix of 80% American Premium Lager with 20% Smoked Porter. The American Premium Lager is Brevard Brewing Company’s lightest offering, yet is packed with flavor. The Smoked Porter is a full bodied dark ale brewed with seven different malt varieties – mostly with a smoked malt that gives it the faint smell of a campfire. Let’s see how the mix suits the NCBeerGuys!