Episode #188 – The Unknown Brewing Co., Vehopciraptor DIPA

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Today we are drinking the Vehopciraptor DIPA from The Unknown Brewing Company in Charlotte. At The Unknown Brewing Company they say they are more than just a name. They remind us that a name does not mean you make good beer, and good beer does not have to have a name. They see their job as to stand out and they do with this 9.9% DIPA. What is a Vehopciraptor? “Still undiscovered by scientists but thought to be true in some circles, the Vehopciraptor was a terrifying beast that roamed free millions of years ago, wreaking havoc on local natives and their taste buds. It would use its large claws and aromatic bite to strike swiftly and efficiently. Some believers say it is strange, since the creature would only target its preys nose and tongue.” We’ll take Unknown’s word for all that!