Episode #193 – Cheerwine and NC Beer


Sponsored by:ShiftZen

Yea, we know, Cheerwine is not beer. OK, yea, it’s not even wine. Cheerwine is about as rooted in NC as something can be and we are all about some Cheerwine in this video as we revisit the mostly European traditions of the “shandy” or “radler” which is beer mixed with a soft drink, carbonated lemonade, ginger ale, or fruit juice. The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste. You may have heard it called a ” Diesel” as that is draft beer mixed with Coca-Cola in some parts of continental Europe. Anyway we are bringing these fine drinking traditions to NC and putting our very own NC-spin on the practice by using Cheerwine as our mixer across various styles of NC craft beer! Hey, maybe we have started a new tradition! Cheershandy? “Born in the South, Raised in a glass!”