Episode #203 – Mystery Brewing Collaboration – Triple Ginger Tripel

Today we are drinking a special beer out of the Mystery Brewing Company of Hillsborough, the Triple Ginger Tripel. This beer is a collaboration beer between Chris Creech of the Glass Jugg and fellow gingers, Chris Shields the brewer at Mystery; and Dave Haydysch, formerly of Fullsteam Brewery. They brewed up this Belgian Triple with ginger added at three different points in the process. The result is a big, peppery Tripel with a fresh kick of ginger. The beer is a re-make of a homebrew beer collaboration. Seeing as it was brewed by three “gingers,” the beer was aptly referred to as the Triple Ginger Tripel, or “The Beer With No Soul.” Five pounds of ginger was added to this brew, split between the mash, the boil, and the whirlpool.