Episode #229 – Outer Banks Brewing Station – Oyster Porter

Today we are drinking the Outer Banks Brewing Station (OBX) Briny-Deep Oyster Porter, described as a rich and robust porter racked to secondary tank with brine made from local crab slough oysters and coming in at 7.3% ABV. Outer Banks Brewing Station is located at 600 South Croatan Hwy in Kill Devil Hills. OBX says “Outer Banks Watermen can tell a great deal from which way the wind blows. Do indeed oysters estevate? For if not, surely we do, while we wait. And when at last a Northernly blast puts the chill upon the shoals where oysters await their fate! It’s time to go a oystering, Mate! A Porter is in order. Briny Deep, strong as sleep. Scottish Golden Promise Malt is smoked with Alder and Seaweed. A whiff of sea tang tangled with Northwoods smoke comes through nicely in the brew. Now’s, for the oysters: we gather ’em up as much as fills our pot, cover ’em with water, boil ’em up and make stew, which we gallantly add to our brew! MMMMM, oysters!”