Episode #247 – New Belgium Brewing – Pear Ginger Beer

Today we are drinking New Belgium Brewing Company’s Pear Ginger Beer, now we know that New Belgium isn’t officially making beer in NC yet but they hope to be doing so at their new facility in Asheville by the end of the year and we wanted to try this beer after hearing all the hype around it. Plus we like that Beer Ranger Colin guy who we hang out with sometimes! New Belgium says “our newest “Lips of Faith” release, Pear Ginger Beer, is officially out and pouring into pint glasses and mixologists’ cocktail shakers across our distribution. That’s right: Not only is the 7%-ABV Pear Ginger an awesome beer, but it makes a killer cocktail mixer as well. Brewed with pear, ginger and lemon peel, it adds a bright, spicy punch to any boozy blend.”