Episode #272 – Christmas Beers Part 2 – Gizmo Brew Works – Peppermint Stiletto Stout

Today we are drinking the Peppermint Stiletto Stout out of Gizmo Brew Works located in the Umstead Industrial Park off Glenwood Ave in Raleigh along with featuring a variety of great NC seasonal brews. Of the regular Black Stiletto Stout they say – “A sexy, silky stout adds panache to any social situation, so we brewed Black Stiletto Stout with an eye toward style. Its creamy head smells sweetly of roasted barley and caramel before giving way to the full bodied blend of dark chocolate, toffee, and bready English ale yeast. Our choice ingredients create a rich and harmonious flavor profile that slides down the throat with a velvety mouthfeel. And then they add peppermint! This tantalizing stout is packed with flavor and decadence, perfect for the chilly holiday season!