Episode #274 – Asheville Brewing – Ninjabread Man Porter

Today we are drinking the Asheville Brewing Company Ninja Bread Man in celebration of the holiday season. The Ninja Porter base for the Ninja Bread Man won the 2014 World Beer Cup gold medal and has been described as the perfect combination of 3 hops and creates a rich and hard-hitting chocolate finish with notes of coffee and caramel. “The brewing team works closely with the ABC chefs to hand-craft a concoction of fresh vanilla beans, toasted cinnamon sticks, raisins and caramelized ginger. This saliva-inducing syrup is then added to the Ninja Porter. The all fresh ingredients produce the insane taste sensation of a liquid gingerbread cookie in the seasonal Ninja Bread Man Porter, a beer that stealthily kicks like a Ninja at 5.6 percent ABV.”