Episode #328 – Starr Hill Brewery – Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout and Warm Up Winter Ale

We crossed the border today and are drinking two great beers from our Virginia friends at Starr Hill Brewery. The Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout is described as “espresso in color, this rich imperial stout is all about malt and chocolate.” It presents aromas of dark chocolate, mocha and vanilla and has a robust bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit initial impression. The Warm Up Winter Ale is “a smooth, dark ale, spiced with cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg and vanilla; a fine pairing for fireside sipping.” As the second oldest craft brewery in Virginia, Starr Hill has been a pioneer in the industry and helped lay the groundwork for the growing craft beer community in the region. They are great folks making great beer and sharing it to those of us south of their border!