Episode #333 – Starr Hill Brewery – Four Kings IPA Pack

Starr Hill Brewery recently announced the 2017 release of their Four Kings IPA Pack, a limited 12-pack that returns with three new variants of King of Hop Imperial IPA. This year’s Four Kings IPA Pack features Orange King of Hop, Mango Habanero King of Hop, and Coffee King of Hop versions. Our friends at the brewery were kind enough to share bottles of the beer for us to sample so we took some time on Dave’s deck and enjoyed test driving these new beers. First released in 2014, King of Hop Imperial IPA won the IPA Gold Medal at the Virginia Craft Brewers Festival the year. “King of Hop has proved to be an excellent canvas to showcase each of these additives, allowing for further exploration into the complexity of the IPA category,” said Starr Hill Brewmaster, Robbie O’Cain. “We are excited to offer three new variants this year, each creating a unique and delicious take on this style of beer.”