Episode #97 – White Rabbit Brewing – Absolom’s Ale

Today we are reviewing the Absolum’s Ale out of the White Rabbit Brewing Company of Angier, NC. Like all the beer at the White Rabbit, this one is named for a character appearing in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland novel. Absolem, the Caterpillar is a hookah-smoking insect who meets Alice after she has been shrunk to a tiny size. I can’t make any connection between the name and this beer so you’ll have to ask the folks down at The White Rabbit when you next visit them in Angier. This ale is described as “an American Ale style beer that is light bodied, clean, crisp tasting yet has a bit of character” and as having “a very faint fruitiness and a medium light hop presence leaving a pleasant hop bite.” A bit of a character, huh? Is that a hint at why they call it Absolum’s Ale?