Episode #98 – Lookout Brewing Co.

We visited the new Lookout Brewing Company in Black Mountain recently and they provide a gallon of beer in 4 quart-sized mason jars so drinkers can sample four styles of Lookout beer! So, we are going to review 4 of the new beers out of Lookout in one review today – the Hanky Panky Cream Ale, the Down Town Brown, the Lookout Stout, and the Front Porch Pale Ale. Lookout is doing several innovative things in their taproom including an option which they call “add hops” where customers use a tea infuser in a pint of beer to dry hop any beer selected from the menu. Check out the review to hear about the other innovations at Lookout! If you get chance, get out to Black Mountain and check out for yourself what great things John Garcia and his team are doing at Lookout!