Fall in NC: Celebrate with Craft Brews and Beer Festivals

Although there’s nothing more satisfying than having a nice cold craft beer on a sweltering North Carolina summer afternoon, there’s something exciting of the changing of seasons. With a new season comes cooler weather, fall colors, and new beer to enjoy. Whether you’re having a couple of friends over for a bonfire or are looking for a fun activity to do with family and friends, here are some fall craft beers to try and beer festivals to attend:

Raise a Glass with These Craft Brews

If you spent the summer drinking citrus infused wheat beer, hoppy IPAs, or pale ales, it’s time to shift gears and change up your flavor palate. Give some of these fall favorites a try:

  • Guard Your Beard (Biere De Garde): This lagered farmhouse Belgian is a fall seasonal by Appalachian Mountain Brewery. With an ABV of 6% it’s described as having a “smooth but full mouthfeel” with malty, toffee flavors.
  • Autumn Brown: Another seasonal from Appalachian Mountain Brewery, this Mild Brown looks as appealing as the turning leaves in a NC fall. With an ABV of 4.5%, this class English style has just the right amount of bitterness, but the caramel and chocolate makes it go down easily.
  • Black Sheep: One more fall seasonal from Appalachian Mountain Brewery will please all the Nitro lovers out there. The brewing company describes it, “Aptly called a white nitro stout due to its golden hue, this creamy, full-bodied ale has a biscuit malt aroma and flavor”. With an ABV of 5.6%, this nitro charged beer is flavored with organic cocoa nibs and a specialty coffee blend.
  • Gordgeous: Once fall rolls around, we’re bombarded by everything pumpkin and you either love it or loathe it. Whatever your stance, NoDa’s pumpkin ale, with an ABV of 6.4%, is a MUST try. They use 50 pounds of pumpkin, 42 pounds of brown sugar, allspice, cardamom, cloves, and ginger root in every batch.

Want to try another pumpkin ale? Give Big Boss Brewing’s Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale a try.

  • Equinox: Pisgah Brewing’s Equinox, with an ABV of 7.5%, is a evenly hopped harvest-style ale with a deep mahogany and a perfect accompaniment to the first day of fall.

Fall Beer Festivals

Now that you’ve been given the names of a few great brews to get you started, get outdoors and enjoy these fall brew fests. Just remember, if you’re a true craft beer aficionado that means you’re a smart person and smart people are often smart drivers. If you’re going to enjoy a pint or more, make alternate plans for transportation. Don’t risk getting involved in or causing car accident or even getting a traffic violation. Hitch a ride with a designated driver, a taxi, or take public transportation. Now, onto the fun:

From our state capital, Raleigh, will be hosting Castoberfest on October 6, 2016. It will be assembled by Big Boss Brewing Company and combines the tradition of Munich’s Oktoberfest and the Real Ale Week from the U.K. for a truly unique experience. Love craft beer and North Carolina autumn weather? Get your tickets for Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina on October 29, 2016. This venue will feature over a hundred of craft breweries and wineries in one place to satisfy your everyone Be sure to purchase ticket in advance, including VIP admission for a limited time. For a true fall experience, don’t forget to check out any of the Oktoberfests that are taking place in NC on the weekend of October 8th. Check out a this complete list of beer festivals in NC this fall.

Guest Writer – Landon Biehl
Landon Biehl resides in Wilmington, North Carolina. As an avid craft beer drinker, Landon enjoys attending various beer fests around the state, and exploring new local brews. Landon is also enjoys writing about topics that are unique and not explored by others.