Fermented Nonsense Brewing Coming to South Asheville Late Summer to Early Fall 2018

Asheville, NC​ • April 20th, 2018 ​— South Asheville will be getting a nano-brewery in just a few months! Fermented Nonsense Brewing will be coming to South Asheville either late Summer or early Fall of 2018. Fermented Nonsense Brewing will be located inside the multi-award winning Craft Centric Taproom & Bottleshop in South Asheville, NC at 100 Julian Shoals Dr Unit 40, Arden, NC 28704. Fermented Nonsense Brewing will be owned by Craft Centric owner, Matt Vaughan, and Craft Centric Manager, Josh Austin, and will be operated as a separate venture, and will, for the time-being, only be available on tap in Craft Centric Taproom.

Josh Austin, is an award-winning homebrewer, and BJCP Certified Beer Judge, with several years of internship and volunteering experience at the professional level. Matt Vaughan, has several years of sales experience, Certified Level 1 Cicerone, and operates the recently voted, #1 Craft Beer Bar in NC, Craft Centric.

“I am thoroughly excited to start one of North Carolina’s smallest breweries, and to partner with the owner of the Best Craft Beer Bar in NC. We will start off by brewing on a ⅙ BBL single-vessel system, and hopefully expand to a 1 BBL fully-electric system within the first year. By staying this small we can focus on creating some amazing brews, and if we nail a recipe down we can partner with other local breweries to create larger volumes.” – Brewer/Owner, Joshua Austin

“I am thrilled to add to a nano-brewery to our growing and award-winning taproom & bottleshop. We look forward to creating some interesting small batch recipes, focusing on quality and flavor.” – Owner, Matt Vaughan

Fermented Nonsense Brewing as recently submitted their application for TTB approval, and will hopefully be brewing within the next few months. Any questions can be e-mailed to jaustin@fermentednonsense.com.

# # # About Fermented Nonsense Brewing
Fermented Nonsense Brewing is a brewery in planning that will be located at 100 Julian Shoals Dr. Unit 40, Arden, NC 28704. Fermented Nonsense Brewing will focus on specialized Hazy IPAs, Barrel-Aged Stouts, and Beers with Crazy Adjuncts.