Four Saints Brewing – The Anniversary is a week closer…

Come and visit us at the taproom located at

218 S. Fayetteville St.
Asheboro, NC 27203

Hours of Operation:
Monday:       CLOSED
Tuesday:       CLOSED
Wednesday:  4p – 10p
Thursday:      4p -10p
Friday:           CLOSED
Saturday:       2p – 11p
Sunday:         1p -9p
Please contact us with any questions or comments:

(336) 610-FSBC

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Come and visit us at the taproom located at

218 S. Fayetteville St.
Asheboro, NC 27203

Hours of Operation:
Monday:       CLOSED
Tuesday:       CLOSED
Wednesday:  4p – 10p
Thursday:      4p – 10p
Friday:           CLOSED
Saturday:       2p – 11p
Sunday:        1p – 9p
Please contact us with any questions or comments:

(336) 610-FSBC



Wednesday, April 25 @ 6:30p
  • Beer Dinner – 1618 Downtown (Greensboro)

Thursday, April 26 @ 5:30p

Friday, April 27 @ 4:00p
Saturday, April 28 @ 12:00p
Friday, May 4 @ 5:30p
  • Market & Music – Commerce Square Park (Randleman)
Friday, May 11 @ 5:00p
Saturday, May 12 @ 12:00p
Saturday, May 12 @ 4:00p

In case you’ve missed the awesome news…

Four Saints Brewing Company has joined the Crowler movement.

What is a Crowler? 

The idea behind the beer crowler is similar to that off the growler, except it is in a can form. A crowler is a 32-ounce aluminum canused to package craft beers and allow people to transport them home.

Or, more simply, a big ass can.

Why change over to Crowlers?

  1. AirTight Seal – The airtight seal formed by the canning machine means that carbonation is not allowed to seep out of the can as it sits in your fridge or as you travel. Glass growlers do not seal perfectly, so you can always count on losing some carbonation as time passes. The crowler solves this problem for you.
  2. Keeping Light Out – Light has a negative effect on the flavor of craft beers. The crowler is made of solid aluminum that reflects UV rays and heat.
  3. Keeping Things Fresh – The ultimate result is that your craft beer stays fresher longer. You no longer have to worry about drinking all the beer within a day or two to keep it from going flat.
  4. Convenience – Finally, there is a certain amount of convenience about the crowler that you simply can’t get with a growler. It allows you to bring your beer home from the local brewery and drink it on your own time. It can withstand the pressures of traveling with ease, and you don’t have to worry about washing it. Since it is an aluminum can, it can travel to places that typically don’t allow glass containers – beaches, parks, and other venues that beer pairs well with. Plus, once empty, the crowler can be crushed to minimize the size for ease of transport out of places like parks and beaches.

A Few Words from the Saints

NC Beer Month is upon us. We’ve got a lot of great offsite events happening in the Triad and in the Triangle all throughout the month. Here at the brewery, we’re bringing in some of our favorite bands and doing what we do best – serving up Great Beer for Great People. A lot of our focus is going towards this:
More info can be found HERE
Also, a special Three Year Anniversary newsletter will be sent out soon.

In Case You Missed It:

In Case You Missed It, Part II:

Four Saints Debuts Carbon-Neutral Brewing with Hemp Ale
(Learn More Here.)

Our Great Beer for Great People is ready for you to enjoy, as always and we look forward to seeing you here, in the taproom, so we can express our love and appreciation for you this week.

Cheers, and thank you,

The Four Saints Family
Click below to see what’s currently
ON TAP at the taproom:


Beers in Production

We have a board at the brewery to let people know what beers we are currently working on. It’s just dawned on us to share those beers here, too.

Stainless Fermentation

  • Anolis Mexican Lager
  • That’s the Way It Gose German Tart Wheat
  • Saints on High Double New England IPA

Barrel Fermentation/Aging

  • Exile on Worth Street Brett IPA
  • El Paladín Tequila Barrel Aged Mexican Lager
  • That’s a Tasty Beverage BA English Barleywine
  • P&P Barrel Aged American Barleywine

Next Beers for Canning 

  • Saints On High New England Double IPA
  • That’s the Way It Gose German Tart Wheat
  • El Paladín Tequila Barrel Aged Mexican Lager

Click here to visit
the Calendar of Events on our website.


Wednesday, April 25
REGULAR taproom hours (4pm-10pm)


  • Come to the taproom Wednesday night to try our Devil’s Advocate series. Try a NEW, limited run Four Saints’ beer that may only be on tap this ONE TIME.
Ashlandia Fruited Sour
A Collaboration Beer with Bottle & Can
  • This week’s Devil’s Advocate keeps us in the sour realm AGAIN. If you enjoyed Clap Your Hands or our Cherry Sour then you’re gonna LOVE Ashlandia Fruited Sour. Brewed in collaboration with Bottle & Can, this sour adds Oregon blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries to give this kettle sour a little more kick and Keep Asheboro Weird.
Tentative Devil’s Advocates
  • May 2 – Dry Hopped Saison

RUN CLUB @ 5:30p

  • Sponsored by Randolph Health
  • Social exercise at its finest, starting at 5:30p.

Thursday, April 26
Regular taproom hours (4 pm-10 pm)


TEAM TRIVIA @ 7:00 pm

  • Categories: Games with Nets – Hogwarts Houses – Cocktails – Elements (Periodic Table) Randomness
    • Teams of up to SIX people (single players permitted)
    • Weekly prize(s) for winning team!
    • 2 rounds, 15 questions each round


  • May 3 – Theme Trivia
    • How Well Do You Know Four Saints Brewing Company?
      • FSBC focused trivia – history, quirks, beer, and more
  • May 10 – Team Trivia
    • Birds of a Feather – May Flowers – Lawn Games – Summer Season (name the movie with Summer in the title) – Random
Friday, April 27

Saturday, April 28
Regular taproom hours (2pm-11pm)

FOOD TRUCK @ 5:00 pm 
Braisin’ Hell Braised Meats


80’s Unplugged

80’s Unplugged is just two acoustics, one drum, and one incredible decade of music to choose from!
All the hits from the 80’s…UNPLUGGED!
Sunday, April 29
Regular Taproom Hours (1 pm – 9 pm)


FOOD TRUCK @ 5 pm 
Smokehouse Bistro

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