Hoppynews – Farm Boy Farms – April Awesomeness!

April Awesomeness!

Not only is April NC Beer Month, but it is also when craft farming local ingredients for local beer really starts to become visible! Keep your eyes out when you travel country roads and visit beer gardens at breweries as hop bines are soaring and fruits/vegetables are growing.

Hoppynews and notes….

-Thank you to the crew at the Sustainable Agriculture Graduate Student Association from NC State for having me at your spring picnic! The conversation and food was amazing!
-South Atlantic hops are starting to soar! Hops will be ready for harvest from the middle of July to the middle of August. A harvest party at our farm will occur and we would be hoppy to have you, your family, and your friends join us! Stay tuned for more information as the growing season progresses.
Brewgaloo on April 27th and 28thwill be a time to learn about NC craft beer as well as enjoy sipping and socializing with your current and new friends! Come out and see us at our tent to discover if you truly know what you have been telling your friends about what you know about hops!

Our hops are starting to soar! #craftfarming #NChops for NCbeer

Have questions about hops? Send Dan an email or give him a call (919.696.7850).

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