Legion Brewing partners with Crafty Beer Guys for Draft Beer Line Cleaning & Maintenance


28 March 2016 Huntersville, North Carolina – Legion Brewing has partnered with Crafty Beer Guys to ensure that the pint you drink tastes exactly as the Legion Brew Team intended.

Crafty Beer Guys is thrilled to be maintaining the draft beer lines of Legion Brewing. Left to themselves, beer lines naturally become plagued with mineral deposits and micro-organisms. This alters the taste and integrity of the beer you drink.

By contracting with Crafty Beer Guys, Legion Brewing makes a promise to its customers that the pint they consume will taste exactly as their brewer intended. Crafty Beer Guys cleans and maintains every line every two weeks according to the Brewers Association Guidelines.

Crafty Beer Guys is a draft system and maintenance company with a bottle shop and tasting room in Huntersville, NC.

Legion Brewing is located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, and born from the ethos that sharing good beer with friends is one of life’s great pleasures.

For more information, please visit these websites:

Crafty Beer Guys: www.craftybeerguys.com

Legion Brewing: www.legionbrewing.com

The Brewers Association: www.brewersassociation.org