Making Known The Unknown Brewing Company

DSC_0932A new brewery is coming to Charlotte and they’re looking to have a big presence. The pitch is “Charlotte is a city of almost 2.5 million people with no major craft breweries in the region.” That’s a pretty bold statement but it really can’t be argued. Getting Charlotte beers in other parts of the state are infrequent at best. It is improving and very much appreciated because there’s an extreme fondness for Charlotte beers (and the breweries!). So what’s the name of this new soon-to-be-known brewery? Oh yeah, The Unknown Brewing Company.

dsc_0951The owner, Brad Shell, comes from a big craft beer background. He started at Sweetwater Brewing and moved up the ranks there. He consulted at Terrapin Beer Co. and then moved on to Rogue Brewing Co. All three of those breweries are distributed nationally so you can see that he has plenty of experience dealing with a large scale of craft beer. He’s starting off big (really big) with the building he’s acquired which used to be an indoor soccer facility. That should give you an idea of the size building they’re going to occupy. Not only that, but the location is unbelievable. It’s right down the street from Bank of America Stadium and he’s looking to have the taproom open before the Panther’s regular season starts. The 30-barrel system they’re installing should be running by the end of October. This is a really exciting venture and we’re really looking forward to brewery opening – Big things to come!!

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