Blind Squirrel Brewery, Plumtree

In this episode of the NCBeerBuzz we take a turn in the porch swing at the Vance Toe River Lodge in Plumtree and talk to Will Young a member of the family who runs the Lodge and the Blind Squirrel Brewery on the property. The Vance Toe River Lodge was originally built in 1919 as the T. B. Vance General Store. After trading hands through the years and seeing its share of abuse it was renovated by the Young family and continues to evolve. After a few years of avid homebrewing, the dream to add a brewery to the line-up at the Lodge slowly moved towards reality and the brewery opened in August of 2012. Will and the family are always excited to meet other brewers and members of the beer community to simply “talk beer”. The Lodge and brewery are a relatively seasonal operation, open mostly May through October on Fridays and Saturdays.