Check Six Brewing, Southport

In a new NCBeerBuzz we stop in at Check Six Brewing Company of 5130 Southport-Supply Rd. in Southport before they open to the public and on the very day that they started brewing their very first beer on premises. Co-founders Tim Hassel and Noah Goldman began brewing as home brewers in 2006 and are working very hard to bring to you the very best microbrew possible. They promise a varied craft beer collection worth looking forward to and we don’t have to wait much longer as they are very close to opening their doors! Tim and Noah plan to maintain an early aviation themed brewery mainly celebrating WWI aircraft and the bravery of those that flew them. The company name itself, “Check Six,” is a fighter pilot term to look at your six o’clock for enemy aircraft trying to sneak in for an easy kill. The term has become synonymous with “Watch Your Back” among those in the military who are looking out for each other on the ground as well as in the air. So don’t forget CHECK SIX!