Farm Boy Farms – Pittsboro

In this episode of the NCBeerBuzz we return to the farm and to where beer begins life as we visit with Dan Gridley of Farm Boy Farms in Pittsboro. Farm Boy Farms was created to provide locally grown AMBA recommended barley, wheat, and hops to breweries and expert homebrewers of North Carolina. They now also grow wheat, rye, milo, and five varieties of hops on the farm. Farm Boy Farms was created in 2011 and believes in providing local ingredients to ensure a fresh quality brewing. They control the entire processing of their grains from planting, harvesting, debearding, seed cleaning, malting, kilning to packaging and plant and harvest their NC grown hops! They believe as they say in “Grown in NC to be brewed in NC” – kinda like drinking local and keeping your beer dollars in North Carolina!