Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Mills River

We had opportunity and good fortune enough to tour Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Mills River, located just outside Asheville recently. We were given a great surprise by having the tour conducted by Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman himself! Mr. Grossman was kind enough to host our group for dinner afterwards and he stepped away from those festivities to speak for us for a few minutes for this new NCBeerBuzz! Sierra Nevada brewed their first beer in 1980 in Chico, California and while the the lush forests of North Carolina were far from their minds then, over three decades, folks came to love their bold beers and deemed them fit for friends across the country. “In time a second brewery became the wisest, most sustainable way to send fresh beer to the farthest reaches” Today you can venture inside the Mills River brewery to trace some beer history and see first-hand their drive to make flavorful beer the status quo!