New Year, New Beer

A new year provides new opportunities and why not start with the type of beer you drink? Now is the time to stop buying the same cheap beer you started drinking in college and expand your horizons. For instance, instead of going out and paying for overpriced brews and risking drinking and driving you can have a quiet night staying in and enjoying a some of the great work of the breweries and pubs that North Carolina has to offer.


Jade IPA
Foothills Brewing Company was hoping to have the six-packs released by early 2016, according to their blog, but it looks like it was released in early December making it a “must have” for any gathering or party. It’s a perfect citra hop brew bottled with an alluringly beautiful label.

Angel of Darkness
Wicked Weed Brewing is set to release the beloved Angel of Darkness in mid-December. The barrel aged sour red ale with blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries and cherries will certainly turn a few heads and create some conversation around the table.

Tyrant Double Red IPA
Another favorite from Wicked Weed, the Tyrant Double Red IPA is described as “heavily dry-hopped ale is a delicious creation…full of match rich flavors backed up with deep pine, herb, and grapefruit peel aromas.” A brew that you won’t believe until you try and the label art is pretty cool, too.

For all the hoppy craft beers, you’ll want to try some heavy brews too. Pisgah Brewing’s Chocolatized (Formerly known as Chocolatized Vortex II) is Pisgah’s darkest brew. This Russian Imperial Stout is aged on cocoa nibs and won a Gold Medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for the Chocolate Beer Category. This delectable brew is destined to only get better.

Barrel Aged Bourbon Vortex II
As if a chocolatey Russian Imperial Stout doesn’t sound tasty enough, Pisgah’s Barrel Aged Bourbon Vortex II is also a good brew to bring to the party. Like Chocolatized, it has an alcohol content of 11.2% and is aged three months Kentucky Bourbon barrels with flavors of roasted sherry and oaky vanilla. Sounds too good to pass up!

Pistols at Dawn
You can interpret the name however you like, but think of it as one of your louder beers. Lonerider’s stout is roasted with malts, lactose, and chocolate and coffee produced in Raleigh. This rich, velvety beer might keep you going a little bit longer into the night.


Whatever you decide to try out this year of new opportunities, make sure to drink responsibly and make a resolution to drink and support NC craft beer.

Guest Writer – Landon Biehl

Landon Biehl resides in Wilmington, North Carolina. As an avid craft beer drinker, Landon enjoys attending various beer fests around the state, and exploring new local brews. Landon is also enjoys writing about topics that are unique and not explored by others.