North Carolina Craft Beers for Your Super Bowl Party

Football fans across the country have waiting for the “holiday” of football: Super Bowl Sunday. While catching the game with a bar full of patrons can make you feel part of the crowd, hosting your own Super Bowl party allows you to stay in and let the party goers come to you.

What better way to show your support for the Carolina Panthers than to raise a glass with a North Carolina craft beer? Fire up the grill, invite your friends to bring their favorite NC six pack, crank up the surround sound, and watch the Panthers beat the Broncos.

Great Brews for Your Super Bowl Bash

Whether you like a pale ale, a stout, or an amber ale, there are plenty of North Carolina craft beers to choose from. Show your NC Pride and support NC brews:

Absolom’s Ale
What’s more American than a good ol’ Super Bowl party? How about an American Ale? This “light bodied, clean, and crisp” tasting ale from the White Rabbit Brewing Company has the perfect balance of fruit and hop and is a perfect pairing for grilled food like burgers or chicken. White Rabbit Brewing has a lot of year-round faves to choose from like the 10/6th IPA or the Jabberwocky Tripel and the labels, created from Tenniel’s illustrations from the original Alice in Wonderland, are fun to look at, too.

Pisgah Nitro Stout
Pisgah Brewing Company has a large selection of seasonal beers that keeps fans rushing to stock up before the goods are gone, but the Pisgah Nitro Stout is one of the few favorites that can be enjoyed all year. The classic stout is “made from a careful balance of organic roasted malts then finished with nitrogen”. A dark and delicious brew with a white thick head that caps the top of the glass is almost a meal in itself, but don’t forget to snack on some Super Bowl munchies.

White Zombie White Ale
Originally planned as a seasonal for Halloween, Catawba Brewing Company’s White Zombie White Ale is a year round favorite following the Belgian Witbier tradition of using unmalted wheat with coriander and orange peel. The perfect balance of fruit and spice makes room for the subtle hoppy taste. This white ale is a perfect pairing for one of the most popular “football foods”: spicy chicken wings.

A favorite among amber ale aficionados, this amber ale is described as a “medium-bodied malty sweetness but leads into the subtle bit typical of a hoppy, west-coast amber ale.” Aho is a year round selection from the sustainable Appalachian Mountain Brewing Company and pairs well with barbeque, so fire up the grill and toast to the Panthers.

Party Responsibly
Good beer advice is never complete without party advice; do it safely and responsibly. “Drunk driving accidents and arrests are more prevalent on Super Bowl Sunday,” says Marks & Harrison accident attorneys; make alternate plans if you’re going to drink alcohol. As the Brewers Association reminds beer enthusiasts, “Savor the Flavor Responsibly”.


Blog Guest Writer – Landon Biehl
Landon Biehl resides in Wilmington, North Carolina. As an avid craft beer drinker, Landon enjoys attending various beer fests around the state, and exploring new local brews. Landon is also enjoys writing about topics that are unique and not explored by others.