The Glass Jug Beer Lab – Closed This Week. New Store Opening Imminent!

A week without The Glass Jug!?!

Updates from The Jug

Is it weird to send a newsletter while we’re closed? Does it just make you miss us that much more? We hope you have stocked up and have all of the necessary supplies to make it through the week without us.

The Glass Jug will be closed for the entirety of this week while we move everything over to our new home, pass our final inspections, get our new ABC permits, and clean things up a bit.

We do not yet have a firm opening date, as it depends on how the last bit of work and inspections go, but we are trying hard to be open by the weekend. To get the latest, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram, as we will post there as soon as we soft open the new space.

We are planning a more official GRAND OPENING that will showcase our beer for sometime later in March or early April. Details on that will be coming out soon…once we get some beer fermenting in our tanks!

If you haven’t been following along with the construction progress, below are links to all 7 of our blog posts with lots of photos throughout the process:
Update 1
Update 2
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Update 4
Update 5
Update 6
Update 7

This Week at The Glass Jug

Womp, Womp. This section is empty this week. There is a lot going on, but it’s all behind the scenes so that we can be ready for you next week!

Brewery of the Month:
Foothills Brewing

It’s a short month, made shorter by the fact that we’ll be moving into our new space, but we’re going to make the most of it by bringing in some awesome beer from Foothills.

We’re rotating through some of our all-time favorites from Foothills, including a few special releases and seasonals. We’ll have Sexual Chocolate back on draft when we re-open in the new space!
More Info >

Beer of the Week:
The one in your fridge!

A big thanks to everyone who helped us clear out our inventory over the last few days. Our backs thank you, as we will not have to move all of that beer into the new location. But, it means that you now have a fridge full of awesome beer you got at a great price! So, crack one open for us and we’ll see you next week.

New Drink This Week

Here is all the new beer that came in last week that will be available when we re-open:
Southern Tier – All is Well at the Station
Roak Brewing Co. – Blow Your Face Out (DIPA)
Roak Brewing Co. – Hopgazed (Ne-Style IPA).
Bell’s – Larrys Latest Sour Ale
Stone – Inevitable Adventure

ANNNND, here is a little teaser for a few beers that are coming in this week and will also be on the shelves when we re-open:
New Anthem – She’s So Pretty
New Anthem – He’s So Fine
NoDa – Hop Cakes
NoDa – Coco Loco (back in stock!)
NoDa – Hop Drop ‘n Roll (back in stock!)
Brewery Bhavana – Till
Brewery Bhavana – Grove