Weeping Radish Farm Brewery, Jarvisburg – Part 2

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In the second part of a two part episode of the NCBeerBuzz, we have the high honor of speaking and visiting with Uli Bennewitz, on the premises of his Weeping Radish Farm Brewery in Jarvisburg. Mr. Bennewitz can rightly be described as the founding father of North Carolina craft beer as he was the first to open and operate a microbrewery in the state selling directly to consumers and did so at a time when it was not only unheard of but illegal to do so! Mr. Bennewitz broke down the barriers and formed the models on which the foundations of the craft beer scene rest today across the state. We felt privileged that he took the time to speak with us and you’ll find this one of our most interesting and educating videos – so much said that we had to break it into two segments! Enjoy and thank Uli when you visit him on the Outer Banks!

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